A lot of "FUN" about WORK to MAKE.

WORK to MAKE is a department that makes "Excitement" and "fun". We will do most of the work related to design necessary for the company. We will design new things and events. We also create and manage websites in our business. We also make goods such as events received order from the outside. Anyway, there are few decisions that require flexibility and it is a series of "challenges". That is why "Excitement" and "Fun" are full. It is recommended for those who like roller coasters.

Introduction of WORK to MAKE

・Design, production of original products of RUNNERS ROUTE
・Product design and production of Mau Mapu brand
・Creation of advertisements, leaflets, etc. and publication to media
・Web design in general(Create banner · logo · wire frame)
・Maintenance, management and updating of our website
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The fun of WORK to MAKE

There are various things to make, just as there are various words such as make, create. One tag and one shirt have their own way of making, there is technology. In any case, there is "Fun" which is not easy to do. The impression when the imaged thing became a form is wonderful.
Why do not you make something with us?
Just join us!

MAKE "Exciting" that we have not seen yet.


We design everything and MAKE it. We mainly design original items of RUNNERS ROUTE and apparel of Mau Mapu etc. We MAKE selection and ordering of materials etc. We will take charge as part of productization. Also MAKE logos, stickers, accessories etc. This is not bound to not MAKE it, we do all the things we can MAKE with what we need. Of course we can not manufacture everything at our company so we will look for a professional who can MAKE it each time. Especially when you MAKE something you have never made is "Exciting".

Mainly we will maintain, manage and update the website operated by our company. Especially shooting and updating of products are frequent on the RUNNERS RUTE site. There are also things to launch a new site when launching a new business. We will also shoot items, such as when new items arrive. We will also update SNS etc. in cooperation with the site.

Creating and sending advertisements to media such as RUNNERS ROUTE's and other sales products, and creating e-mail magazines to send to customers. We also shoot products and negotiate with media as we create advertisements. Recently, there have been many advertisements for digital media, but once a month we also advertise in newspapers and other magazines. We will also create flyers and in-store POPs at the event.

We think that it is impossible to MAKE good designs and productions unless the making side does "Fun" and "Excitement". Always remembering the feelings of the challenge is a secret to creating "good ones". Also, We think that if you feel like wanting to MAKE "good one" you can challenge.

In Hawaii's company, We'd like to MAKE something "We are manufacturing in Hawaii". That's why I'm looking for someone who can stick to Hawaii and MAKE things like ALOHA. It is ALOHA rather than cool and cute.

Application Requirements.



Required knowledge and experience
・Graphic design practical experience
・Experience using Illustrator and Photoshop
Knowledge and experience that is useful if you have it
・Work Experience in Web Design
Even if you are not professional, "I have used it as a hobby", even people who have done it is ok!

Such people are welcome!

・Those who like apparel design and production
・Those who are interested in making brands
・Those who are interested in not only design but also various things
"I have not done it", but people who would like to do are also welcome. You will be able to do it if there is a feeling that you want to do it.

Working Hours

・There is no fixed restraint time
・There are periodic meetings depending on work and project
We want to make it a flexible situation that suits the work to be done. We would like your work done in the place you need when you need it. we regularly request a company to work in the case of a report, but it depends on the progress of the project and the delivery date.

Work Location

・a.c.i office
・Work at home
We urge employees to come to the company if necessary.
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Flow until adoption

1. Document selection
2. First interview
3. Second interview
4. Training period
5. Join the crew

As for the training period, there are individual differences so we can give you 2 weeks to 3 months' grace. After completion of the training period, we allocate each task after considering hope and appropriateness as a regular crew.

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