Our company has been doing business in Hawaii since 2000 when it took over the RUNNERS ROUTE management. RUNNERS ROUTE has also increased to three stores now and has been supported by many local runners. Our company aims to be a company that is appreciated locally and accepted. One goal is to be able to repay Hawaii because it is a company that has developed in Hawaii. We will challenge to do more "fun things" and "excitement" while borrowing the power of newly participating crews, business partners and customers. While looking at "fun, rich and happy future".


Hello everyone.
In 2000 we took over the management of the RUNNERS ROUTE and has been supported by quite a lot of people to this day. After that, We have also been working on manufacturing and designing but something new challenges have always been started thanks to someone. The encounter with various people leads to the development of the company. As we were, people make a smile of people. When people smile they are sure to be in touch with someone else. So, take good care of people. Expect for people. We would like to make it a company where people gather. The company develops by newly entering person. Then the company should be filled with plenty of smiles. A smile spreads to everyone involved, not just within the company. We want to become such a company. We would like to be a company that can say a lot of "Thank you".


"Smile and energy"
In our company we always have keywords of "smile and energy". With "smile and spirit" there is a culture of being able to survive most things. If you have "smile and energy", We think that the way of thinking also looks forward and we think it is possible to find good ideas and coping methods. Every day we try our best as a company that we can cherish as a culture that inherits "smile and spirit" that everyone knows.

"Have a fun challenge"
I think there is a nasty job and a fun work for "challenge". Just as much work as possible should not be fun. However, if you can understand the significance and meaning of what they think and do in the same job, it will change to a fun challenge. In our company, each crew thinks and proposes and aims for a workplace where "fun challenges" can be made.

About us.

information of our company.


July 1998 Company founded
January 1999 Management of RUNNERS ROUTE started
December 2006 Opened RUNNERS ROUTE · Kapiolani Store
January 2010 HONOLULU RUNNERS started
September 2012 Started Mau Mapu business
January 2015 Started Zukku. business
May 2015 RUNNERS ROUTE · Aiea Store opened
January 2017 RUNNERS ROUTE · Kapahulu Store opened
April 2018 Launched original brand of RUNNERS ROUTE

Company Profile

Company Name a.c.i, Inc.
Establishment Date July 1, 1998
Capital $300,000
Number of Employees 20
Main Office 1322 Kapiolani Blvd. Honolulu, Hawaii USA 96814
Tel 1.808.941.3111
Business Contents Operation of RUNNERS ROUTE of Running Specialty Store
Operation of zukku. shoes shop
Operation of apparel brand Mau Mapu
Manufacture and sales of original apparel
Logo creation and design creation
Create event goods


5 minutes walk from Ala Moana SC.

1322 Kapiolani Blvd. Honolulu, HI 96814

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